"Pandemic Pandora"



One of the benefits that the pandemic brought to all of us is the increase of self- awareness about inner motives, feelings, thoughts and emotions. So much can happen within the four walls of a house ...which house? Our inner house.

To meditate means to stay close to one’s own feelings, emotions and thoughts and certainly the best way to do this, is often in silence, a bit of isolation and surrounded by a calm and relaxed environment. Well, it seems that since the past year the ‘Pandemic Pandora’ helped all of us in looking inward and discovering the treasures and the illnesses laying in it.

Perhaps with this heightened sensibility about one self, we have discovered how much thoughts create our reality, how much the stories we tell ourself affect the perspective we build around our potentialities and skills and vulnerabilities. We have discovered that a high-peace life is fun and stressful at the same time and more often than not....it takes us away from our inner truth. Starting right here, right now, how can we improve the quality of our daily life?


Here some suggestions:


1- Thoughts have an energy, and energy affects our emotions and our bodies. Most of the people I work with, struggle to recognize their worth and they believe in the thought “I am not good enough”. Believing in, such a thought as if it was 100% true, automatically excludes other possibilities. Consequently, our self-esteem is mined and our energy is lowered. In order to keep our energy high, we need to change our thoughts. To change our thoughts it’s important to enlarge our gaze and to take into consideration ‘the whole’ of our skills and personality. In this way by being able to asses that certain things come easily and certain others less, our self-esteem is preserved and therefore our energy level.


2- ‘Just because you feel something does not mean it’s going to happen/ it’s the truth’. A lot of people fear bodily feelings. A heart pounding means ‘I am going to have a panic attack/or I am going to die” ..No! Body feelings are answers that we don’t want to hear. Body feelings are telling us that the life we are leading is getting tighter. Ask yourself: “What thought is linked with this feeling?; How much do I believe in it?; Is this thought 100% true? What’s the evidence?; How’s another way to look at this (thought/feared situation)?’


3- Surround your self with sincere people, not only positive one. We don’t need people that boost our Ego all the times, we need kind people that fairly supports us embracing and accepting our vulnerabilities. Concluding, take time to be mindful about your thoughts and feelings. Not everything that you feel and think is true.


What is important is to expand your gaze: a more comprehensive view over your skills, likes and dislikes and your interests.

written by Alice Bertoldo